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Friday, 10 May 2013

Appointment times

Grooming appointments are now only available on alternate weeks on either a saturday morning or Monday afternoon. Please book early to avoid disappointment as they can get booked up weeks in advance at certain times of the year. I will be continuing to do the grooming for the foreseeable future as I had previously mentioned stopping it. This won't be happening. Thank you to all the regulars for your continued business and lovely comments on the dogs clips, im glad you like them. I would like to stress here the importance of maintaining the coat at home in between grooms as im often asked to do certain styles on matted coats and this is almost impossible. Dead coat will cause matts if not properly removed and alot of combs don't do a very good job. I recommend a moulting comb for this. I also need to point out when having your dog groomed certain breeds must get proper attention to ears as they can get very hairy. I have seen many shocking cases of groomers who don't attend to these areas and its then becomes impossible to sort them out with a sedation. If ears aren't looked after then ear infections will occur. Please clarify before using a groomers exactly what you are getting in the groom. Grooms with me include: Bath and style (to include hygiene trims of groin, back end, armpits and feet) nail clipping Ear pluck and clean anal gland emptying