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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tear staining prevention

Well I am sure all of you who own certain breeds who are white often are driven mad by those unsightly brown stains around the eyes. You have probably tried all sorts of products to try and remove them to no avail. Well I have tried those too when I owned a lovely pure white persian. Being a short nosed breed she often got terrible tear staining but I found a product that really helped and with daily attention to her eyes I was able to have her looking gorgeous in no time. This cat came to me as a stray and she was in very poor condition but after some TLC she quickly recovered. I later went on to briefly show this cat and she went onto become BIS female neuter persian and I often had breeders ask how I got the fur around her eyes so white? well this product I recommend was all that was needed. Here is a picture of her at a show, no tear staining just a very pretty clean face. How this product works. Well it is an antibacterial powder that you apply to damp fur around the eye after bathing. It stays sitting on the fur and absorbs any tears from the eyes before they have a chance to stick and stain the fur. It needs to be reapplied once/twice daily but if very effective and preventing further staining.
For more information and to purchase this product please contact me all call into Warbreck house for a chat. This product cost £4 per tub and will last several months.

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