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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Price List 2012

Below is the new price list for 2012. The prices have increased slightly to account for ongoing rising costs. I have tried to keep the pricing fair but these are just estimates based on a matt free dog that is groomed regularly (every 8-10 weeks). If your pet has not been groomed in a while or is matted then expect to be charged £5-£10 on top of these prices depending on the severity. If choosing to bath your dog at home before the groom then a £5 discount will be given. Note do not attempt to bath your dog if they are matted this will only tighten the matt making matters worse. All prices include clipping, bathing, claw clipping, ear pluck/clean and anal gland emptying. Dogs Minature breeds under 5kg- £20 Small breeds 5-10kg £25 Medium breeds 10-15kg £30 Medium breeds 15-20 kg £35 Larger breeds 20-25kg £40 No breeds over 25kg are groomed. Cats vary in price between £20-£40 If there is matting of coats or certain breeds will cost more i.e. poodles, bichons etc Don't forget to ask to sign up to our collect and save scheme to benefit from a discount for loyal customers.

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