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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Here are some pictures of a lovely male Bichon that was groomed by me recently. He has a wonderful coat and the owner does a wonderful job keeping him mat free in-between grooms. With this breed they require alot of grooming with something like a moulting comb. You need to get through to the base of the fur to prevent matting. I often see dogs that look matt free until you go to get a comb through them only to find the base of the fur is matted. For this reason it is important to remove all dead fur before it has a chance to matt. Using just a wire slicker brush is not enough to keep the coat matt free, these are used more as a finishing tool to fluff the coat out. Tear staining is also an issue with this breed. I have a special proven product that actually works to help prevent those unsightly brown stains, I will post more info soon. This product is available through Warbreck House vets, so please feel free to ask there for more information. So here are a few pictures:

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