Here you will find news and special offers that may be available as well as lots of beautiful pictures of animals I have groomed. All pictures will be shown with owners permission.

Friday, 29 November 2013

its been awhile

sorry for not posting updates sooner. I have been particularly busy with work and home. I am now studying for a diploma in feline nursing and so my grooming appointments are very limited. Regular clients are advised to book a slot of appointments at least one month in advance. I will take booking up to 6 months in advance. I am now booked up until the middle of january. I would like to wish you and your pets a merry christmas and happy new year

Friday, 10 May 2013

Appointment times

Grooming appointments are now only available on alternate weeks on either a saturday morning or Monday afternoon. Please book early to avoid disappointment as they can get booked up weeks in advance at certain times of the year. I will be continuing to do the grooming for the foreseeable future as I had previously mentioned stopping it. This won't be happening. Thank you to all the regulars for your continued business and lovely comments on the dogs clips, im glad you like them. I would like to stress here the importance of maintaining the coat at home in between grooms as im often asked to do certain styles on matted coats and this is almost impossible. Dead coat will cause matts if not properly removed and alot of combs don't do a very good job. I recommend a moulting comb for this. I also need to point out when having your dog groomed certain breeds must get proper attention to ears as they can get very hairy. I have seen many shocking cases of groomers who don't attend to these areas and its then becomes impossible to sort them out with a sedation. If ears aren't looked after then ear infections will occur. Please clarify before using a groomers exactly what you are getting in the groom. Grooms with me include: Bath and style (to include hygiene trims of groin, back end, armpits and feet) nail clipping Ear pluck and clean anal gland emptying

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Back to business

Hope you all had a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Some of you may be aware that I suffered recently with a sprained muscle in my shoulder and so had to take a break from grooming. This was most inconvenient for customers and some had to go elsewhere. I would like to say I am finally back grooming and nearly 100% better so please feel free to contact me for a grooming appointment. I am in the process of moving home and so not always available on the land line number of an evening. I have provided my mobile number in the top right hand side of page for those who are having trouble contacting me. The easiest way would be to either email and it will be answered within 24 hrs or send a text message asking for an appointment. I cannot take calls to my mobile in the day due to working full time so leaving a text message is best (voicemail tends to sometimes get overlooked). Grooming appointments can be booked for saturdays or wednesdays. Youe pet will be required to attend Warbreck house for the groomings. Any further quaestions please get intouch.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tear staining prevention

Well I am sure all of you who own certain breeds who are white often are driven mad by those unsightly brown stains around the eyes. You have probably tried all sorts of products to try and remove them to no avail. Well I have tried those too when I owned a lovely pure white persian. Being a short nosed breed she often got terrible tear staining but I found a product that really helped and with daily attention to her eyes I was able to have her looking gorgeous in no time. This cat came to me as a stray and she was in very poor condition but after some TLC she quickly recovered. I later went on to briefly show this cat and she went onto become BIS female neuter persian and I often had breeders ask how I got the fur around her eyes so white? well this product I recommend was all that was needed. Here is a picture of her at a show, no tear staining just a very pretty clean face. How this product works. Well it is an antibacterial powder that you apply to damp fur around the eye after bathing. It stays sitting on the fur and absorbs any tears from the eyes before they have a chance to stick and stain the fur. It needs to be reapplied once/twice daily but if very effective and preventing further staining.
For more information and to purchase this product please contact me all call into Warbreck house for a chat. This product cost £4 per tub and will last several months.

Price List 2012

Below is the new price list for 2012. The prices have increased slightly to account for ongoing rising costs. I have tried to keep the pricing fair but these are just estimates based on a matt free dog that is groomed regularly (every 8-10 weeks). If your pet has not been groomed in a while or is matted then expect to be charged £5-£10 on top of these prices depending on the severity. If choosing to bath your dog at home before the groom then a £5 discount will be given. Note do not attempt to bath your dog if they are matted this will only tighten the matt making matters worse. All prices include clipping, bathing, claw clipping, ear pluck/clean and anal gland emptying. Dogs Minature breeds under 5kg- £20 Small breeds 5-10kg £25 Medium breeds 10-15kg £30 Medium breeds 15-20 kg £35 Larger breeds 20-25kg £40 No breeds over 25kg are groomed. Cats vary in price between £20-£40 If there is matting of coats or certain breeds will cost more i.e. poodles, bichons etc Don't forget to ask to sign up to our collect and save scheme to benefit from a discount for loyal customers.


Here are some pictures of a lovely male Bichon that was groomed by me recently. He has a wonderful coat and the owner does a wonderful job keeping him mat free in-between grooms. With this breed they require alot of grooming with something like a moulting comb. You need to get through to the base of the fur to prevent matting. I often see dogs that look matt free until you go to get a comb through them only to find the base of the fur is matted. For this reason it is important to remove all dead fur before it has a chance to matt. Using just a wire slicker brush is not enough to keep the coat matt free, these are used more as a finishing tool to fluff the coat out. Tear staining is also an issue with this breed. I have a special proven product that actually works to help prevent those unsightly brown stains, I will post more info soon. This product is available through Warbreck House vets, so please feel free to ask there for more information. So here are a few pictures:

Monday, 30 January 2012

Appointments available

Just a note to say we have some appointments available still in early February if you are wanting your pet groomed at last minute, please contact me by phone or email and I may be able to fit you in. Usually appointments need to be booked well in advance so this is a great opportunity to get your pet groomed by me without having to wait weeks.