Here you will find news and special offers that may be available as well as lots of beautiful pictures of animals I have groomed. All pictures will be shown with owners permission.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cocker spaniel

Here are some pictures of a female cocker spaniel after grooming. The breed style is designed to accentuate the length of the ears and a smooth head. This dogs style has been modified slightly to suit the owners requests and so the head was not taken too short.

Points to watch:
Floppy ears can reduce air circulation making them more prone to ear infections and large feet that are well furnished can easily get matted especially in between the toes. These dogs also have an extra fold of skin on the underside of the front paws which can trap lots of dirt and grit and so regularly trimming and cleaning out of these areas is needed to prevent problems occurring. The coat can become very thick and regular brushing at home is needed in between grooms.

Shih tzu (teddy clip)

Here are some pictures of a shih tzu after grooming. The clip shown here is known as the teddy bear clip and gives the overall impression of a fluffy coat. The coat is left alittle longer all over and the head rounded to give a softness. This is a great clip if you want a cuter, chunkier looking style but does require daily grooming at home to keep the coat matt free.

Points to watch:
Ears will need plucking regularly as they tend to get quite hairy and prone to ear infections. Some can suffer with anal gland problems needing them emptied regularly. Being a short nosed breed they often get a lot of tear staining and build up under the eye and so this needs daily bathing too and of course daily brushing with the longer styles.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

West highland white terrier

Below are some pictures of a young male westie after grooming by myself. He is a very well behaved boy with a nice clean coat. The owner does not like to have a long skirt and so this is a modified version of the style suitable for pets.
Points to watch are grooming of face and skirt as these point are longer and will attract food and dirt. They are also prone to skin problems and so care is needed when using grooming products on these dogs and most white coloured animals.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Recommend a friend voucher available now

I have now introduced a recommend a friend voucher for those people who have their dogs groomed by me. The person you recommend does not have to be a registered client at the vets. If you recommend a friend then you will qualify for a 10% discount off your pets groom. New clients will also get this discount off their pets first groom.

Please ask me for a voucher when you are next in for grooming.

(This voucher must be handed to the new client for them to then pass to me with their details filled in for you to claim your discount on your next groom).

Scottish terrier puppy

Below are some pictures of a scottish terrier puppy who was groomed recently. He was very well behaved for his first groom. You don't see many of these dogs around and this was my first one to be groomed in 18 months of grooming so I had to post his pictures. He does not have a full coat yet and so I was merely setting the style for it to grow through correctly.
Points to watch are mainly the beard as being a breed who have quite a substantial beard they can get food caught up in it. If they have a skirt then this will also need regular grooming and it can get quite messy especially in winter.

Here are some pictures after the groom: