Here you will find news and special offers that may be available as well as lots of beautiful pictures of animals I have groomed. All pictures will be shown with owners permission.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Merry Christmas to all

I would like to wish all my clients new and old a very Merry Christmas and New year.
Thank you for your custom.

(Below one of my babies ... Druzhina Edesii a silver mackerel tabby male siberian kitten)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Grooming in time for Christmas

Unfortunately I do not have any grooming appointments left for those wanting their pets groomed in time for christmas. Due to the way the holidays fall and my limited appointments I am now fully booked. I do have space available from mid January next year and I strongly advise booking your appointments in advance. I am happy to take multiple bookings for regular customers up to 6 months in advance.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and happy new year !

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cocker spaniel

Here are some pictures of a female cocker spaniel after grooming. The breed style is designed to accentuate the length of the ears and a smooth head. This dogs style has been modified slightly to suit the owners requests and so the head was not taken too short.

Points to watch:
Floppy ears can reduce air circulation making them more prone to ear infections and large feet that are well furnished can easily get matted especially in between the toes. These dogs also have an extra fold of skin on the underside of the front paws which can trap lots of dirt and grit and so regularly trimming and cleaning out of these areas is needed to prevent problems occurring. The coat can become very thick and regular brushing at home is needed in between grooms.

Shih tzu (teddy clip)

Here are some pictures of a shih tzu after grooming. The clip shown here is known as the teddy bear clip and gives the overall impression of a fluffy coat. The coat is left alittle longer all over and the head rounded to give a softness. This is a great clip if you want a cuter, chunkier looking style but does require daily grooming at home to keep the coat matt free.

Points to watch:
Ears will need plucking regularly as they tend to get quite hairy and prone to ear infections. Some can suffer with anal gland problems needing them emptied regularly. Being a short nosed breed they often get a lot of tear staining and build up under the eye and so this needs daily bathing too and of course daily brushing with the longer styles.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

West highland white terrier

Below are some pictures of a young male westie after grooming by myself. He is a very well behaved boy with a nice clean coat. The owner does not like to have a long skirt and so this is a modified version of the style suitable for pets.
Points to watch are grooming of face and skirt as these point are longer and will attract food and dirt. They are also prone to skin problems and so care is needed when using grooming products on these dogs and most white coloured animals.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Recommend a friend voucher available now

I have now introduced a recommend a friend voucher for those people who have their dogs groomed by me. The person you recommend does not have to be a registered client at the vets. If you recommend a friend then you will qualify for a 10% discount off your pets groom. New clients will also get this discount off their pets first groom.

Please ask me for a voucher when you are next in for grooming.

(This voucher must be handed to the new client for them to then pass to me with their details filled in for you to claim your discount on your next groom).

Scottish terrier puppy

Below are some pictures of a scottish terrier puppy who was groomed recently. He was very well behaved for his first groom. You don't see many of these dogs around and this was my first one to be groomed in 18 months of grooming so I had to post his pictures. He does not have a full coat yet and so I was merely setting the style for it to grow through correctly.
Points to watch are mainly the beard as being a breed who have quite a substantial beard they can get food caught up in it. If they have a skirt then this will also need regular grooming and it can get quite messy especially in winter.

Here are some pictures after the groom:

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Minature Schnauzer

Here are some pictures of a female minature schnauzer after grooming by me. She was very well behaved and is groomed regularly to keep her coat in good condition.
Points to watch with this breed: ears again can get quite hairy and will need plucking at each groom to help prevent ear infections. The beard will need regular grooming and cleaning at home especially if feeding wet food as it can get quite messy.

After grooming (sorry I forgot to take pictures before she was groomed)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Here are some pictures of a female Bichon before and after grooming at Warbreck house. She has quite a wavy coat for a bichon and it is alittle softer so her coat looks slightly different to some other Bichons I have groomed. She is a sweet dog and its always lovely to see a white dog just groomed. Her owners also use one of my treatments for tear staining and as you can see from the pictures it seems to be working a treat.

If you are wanting to know what this treatment is that actually works, stay tunned and more will be revealed in a future post.

Points to watch with a Bichon: ears, they can get ear infections more often due to hair in the ear canal, hair should be plucked out with each groom. Tear staining due to the white coat this can show up more obviously, treatments are available that work to help reduce this.

Annie before groom:

After Grooming:

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What should you be getting for your money!

I just wanted to bring this point to everyones attention, what should you be getting when paying for a groom with a professional groomer? well I always thought it would include everyhting but it seems not to be the case sometimes. I have seen many dogs come to me who have never had their claws clipped when being groomed, alot never have anal glands emptied and many do not get their ears plucked and cleaned as part of the service.

Grooming should not just be about a cut, bath and blow dry but should be about taking care of ALL aspects mentioned to ensure good health. I am not sure why it is not done, maybe some charge extra for this or they don't have the time or do not feel competent doing any of the above. I feel it should be part of the service and so I would urge pet owners to ask if they are included and if they are not why?

Did you know.... alot of dogs can suffer from anal glands filling up and then bursting causing considerable pain and discomfort. What are the anal glands? well they are two scent glands situated at the opening of the anus. When an animal goes the toilet they should empty alittle each time leaving a scent marker on the faeces for certain reasons i.e breed predisposition, malformed ducts, diarrhoea/soft motions, thick secretions they don't empty naturally but fill up and then eventually form an abcess and burst. Some animals need to have these emptied on a regular basis and having them checked at each groom is always a good idea. Certain breeds i.e shih tzu' spaniels are predisposed to problems and should get them checked regularly.

Ear plucking and cleaning again is something that should be done regularly as animals get waxy, dirty ears too. Certain breeds i.e Bichon's, poodles, shih tzu's can get very hairy ear canals and this hair can block the flow of air into the ear canal making it a great breeding ground for bacteria. Breeds with floppy ears or narrow ear canals i.e Shar pei's are also at risk of problems.

Lastly nail clipping is sometimes needed by the animals who don't do alot of walking on hard surfaces but even those who do will still need their dew claws clipping from time to time as they don't touch the ground and wear down naturally.

If you are concerned about any of the above or your pet is scooting their back end on the floor or biting the tail area, rubbing or scratching ears, ears look dirty or redness is present please seek veterinary advice and of course keep checking the nails especially the dew claws higher up on the paw (front and back), they will need clipping if they are starting to look long and curl round into pad.

Just a few points to remember next time you take your pet to the groomers. I automatically include all of the above checks with any groom and so offer great value for money and peace of mind in knowing your pet is being groomed by a qualified nurse and groomer. If you would like any advice on the subjects mentioned please contact me. This advice is free of charge.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Loyalty rewards Scheme

From September 2011 I will have a rewards scheme available to reward customer loyalty. If you have had your pet groomed by me before or are considering booking an appointment then regular visits will qualify you for the scheme. Here are the rules and how it works.

Pet must be groomed on a regular basis i.e every 6-12 weeks without a break and have not been to another groomer in that time
Offers available: Pay in full for 5 grooms and on your 6th groom get a £5 discount or a free grooming product of the same value i.e. grooming spray, comb, brush etc.

New customers also qualify for a 10% discount off their pets first groom.

Coming soon.... recommend a friend and receive a 10% discount on your pets groom.

Price List for 2011

All prices include clipping, bathing, claw clipping, ear pluck/clean and anal gland emptying.

Minature breeds under 5kg- £17
Small breeds 5-10kg £22
Medium breeds 10-15kg £27
Medium breeds 15-20 kg £32
Larger breeds 20-25kg £37

No breeds over 25kg are groomed.

Cats vary in price between £20-£40

If there is matting of coats or certain breeds will cost more i.e. poodles, bichons etc
Please contact me to arrange an appointment where a quote can be given free of charge. Appointments are only available on Tuesday afternoons and saturdays. Come the 1st of December grooming will be done on a Monday afternoon instead of tuesdays.


Hello all.... I have created this blog to showcase the various animals I have groomed and styles etc. All pictures will only be shown with permission from owners. There are also some exciting offers available that have or will be introduced soon so keep checking back for more news. Hope you enjoy this blog and if you have any suggestions of popular posts or things you would like to see please contact me.

Hope you enjoy!